Saturday, March 1, 2014

Gamestop Experience #1: Batting 1.000

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I have been going to Gamestop since... I was 13. I am now 24 and I visit there much less frequently. I dislike how they push used games on you when you ask for a new copy. Also how much you get for trade ins is ridiculous. You bring in Assassins Creed 4 a week after it came out and you are offered $22 so that they can inventory it, slap a sticker on it, and sell it for $55. In the past few years I have been selling all of my games online where both parties win. One day Gamestop will go the way of Blockbuster and die. For the time being I will do an opinion/editorial piece whenever I visit and I get the usual and sometimes unusual garbage from their employees.

For my first, recorded experience, I went to Gamestop to buy Thief on PS4, brand new, 3 days after it was released. Here is the dialogue as it occurred. (I have clarified the tones people were using. If it was anything but a regular tone then it will be noted such as sarcastic, angry, annoyed etc etc. I have not embellished the story at all as that would be lying and I am living for God and not myself.)

Gamestop Employee (GSE) – How can I help you man?

Me – Do you guys have any copies of Thief on PS4 new?

GSE – Yeah we sure do.

Me – Ok cool that's what I want.

GSE – Did you preorder it?

Me – No.

GSE – Do you have a Gamestop card?

Me – Nope.

GSE – Well you are batting a thousand today (sarcastically).

Me – I am paying with debit.

(I pay for the game)

GSE – I have heard nothing but good things about this game.

Me – I have heard the opposite.

GSE – Well if it's PC gamers then they are just mad that it isn't like the old Thiefs.

Me – Ok, cool.

(At this point he puts the game in the bag with the receipt and I leave).

I am not sure why it would matter if I pre order a game that had no incentives to pre order. Also does a Gamestop card even matter when buying a new game? (I wouldn't know since I haven't had an employee tell me anything about it in 3 years). I personally like to wait for reviews to come out before making a purchasing decision. Maybe someone can explain to me why the employee felt the need to say I was batting 1.000 in a sarcastic tone.

There is a simple solution to all of this. Stop going there. However, things like this happen all of the time when you are not the typical giddy customer or uninformed customer that Gamestop loves to prey on.

What do you think? Is Gamestop going to die like Blockbuster? Was I batting 1.000? Is it really just PC gamers bashing on Thief? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Gamestop will die, it's inevitable once consoles goe pure digital, which also is inevitable

  2. I agree Gamestop will die, but giving employees a hard time for offering and asking questions like he asked you is not the way to go. I'm a former GSE and I hate that company with all my heart but remember most of the employees who ask customers nonstop for pre-orders, gamestop cards an warranties are not doing it for the company they are doing it for themselves. Gamestop rates employess on their abilities to sell used games, pre-orders, power up cards (gamestop card) and warranties. If the employees don't get as many of those things they will not get hours. And remember most gamestop employees are college kids who need the money for whatever reason and usually they work at gamestop until they find a better job. I'm in no way trying to defend gamestop, as a former employee I hate the company even more than you do; but it's not fair to take it out on the employees who are just following orders that even they don't like.

    And thief did have pre-order bonuses, it had a special bank heist mission, a soundtrack download and a bonus second screen app for ios and android.

    And if you use the gamestop card to buy new games it gives you points that you can later cash out for cupons.

    1. I have never been told any of that (about pre orders and the card) by any Gamestop employee.

    2. Have you ever bothered to ask? I worked there as a SGA (senior game associate) (third key manager) for two and a half years as a part time job. We got graded (managers and stores as a whole each) on reservations, card subscriptions, warranties, and preowned percent.

      I agree with the gaming instinct as I am so glad I quit. I also won't shop there unless I HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE. However, blaming the employee for doing as they are told by the idiots above is getting old...

      Also could have just been an ass-hat employee with no reflection on the company.... LOL, it's hard to say that after working there so long.

    3. I agree with Jeffrey on this one. As a former GSE, I was told the same thing and we were indeed rated on those things.

  3. Seems like a pretty good Gamestop experience to me. Nothing wrong with asking if you preordered or if you had the Gamestop card.

    1. exactly. If you had a preorder or Gamestop card and he didn't ask, you'd be pissed and write an article about it too.

    2. The you are batting 1.000 comment is what threw me. I expect them to ask the other two questions.

  4. Gamestop gives you terrible values on your games because they are a business. The have to make a profit. You and a million other people are trading in your Call of Duty 3 days later so, yeah they are gonna give you $22 for it. If you don't like it then don't go there. This sounds like a fine experience. Nothing seems like it's anything other than a typical retail experience. Yes, the Gamestop card gets you points, so the employee did the right thing by asking you.
    You come across as a sad, annoying customer that is doing anything to get hits to a unknown website. Good job though. Next time go somewhere else.
    It sounds like the employee was trying to make the transaction enjoyable by messing around with you.

    1. The batting 1.000 comment is what threw me. It was not in a funny haha tone. It was very sarcastic.

  5. He asked you the questions he is supposed to ask, if you have it preordered , he would grab it from his pre-order inventory they keep in a cupboard, if you have a card, he scan it so you can have points. His batting a 1,000 comment was probably his attempt at being funny for the customer (customer service attempt). I dont see him trying to push pre orders on you, or the purchase of said gamestop card. You had a good experience at gamestop from the looks of it, but were looking for reasons to dislike it.

    Gamestop has low trade in values for there games because when everyone trades in the same game, the chances of them selling EVERY single one of those games back into the world, is never guaranteed so they have to make up for that value

  6. Can the members of the site please just ask about promotions, bonuses, incentives, store policy, or anything else GameStop related before these posts? It's only the negatives anyone remembers, or as it seems wants to hear about, and I currently work for the company. I'd be more than happy to answer any and all questions you have about this or any other "issues". Thanks. This employee sounds like he did his job and unfortunately that wasn't to your liking.

  7. As a PC gamer, it's not that we wish it was an old Thief. It's that it's too bland. Dishonored was a Industrial Revolution-style city full of mystery and danger. The city in Thief just feels empty.

  8. I feel like you have gotten a terrible GS experience. The reason for the used games push is because we are trying to educate the gaming community that there is nothing really different about buying preowned.